Meet our Mechanics

Bruce Young

Senior Technician Mechanic / Mercedes Benz BMW Expert

I was born fascinated by anything with wheels and was ‘career-ready’ at Childhood: forever trading bike frames, changing and upgrading parts to my BMX bike and skate board. Later in my teen I would explored and studied cars by pulling components apart and would design and model custom accessories to experiment their performance and to improve their appearance.

I was brought up in Canada and started my career over 25 years ago in Australia, in the days of carburetors, points ignition and leaded fuel. The great 90’s has given me the share of experience with good old technology and repair techniques leading to the present era of vehicle electronic technology.

My introduction to BMWs happened one sunny afternoon driving an E24 635CSI from McMahons Point to Crows Nest for electrical repairs. This was in the days when Ford and Holden ruled the streets but I was already fascinated by BMW and this fascination grew to include Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen.

I was repairing all makes and models after I became licensed in 1993 but later having given more and more of the four European makes that other car mechanics did not want to repair or could not repair had allowed me to gain hands on experiences in many different type of diagnostics which I was more than happy to work through finding out how their system works. Fast forward to the present day I’m still intrigued by the innovations of these iconic brands. But more so I am intrigued by how new technologies are invented and get improved on every vehicle model. Sure technologies have their hick cups when they are new, but if Karl Benz didn’t have a vision we wouldn’t have cars today.

The challenge of difficult diagnostic problems from the European car models we specialise in particular is like a good mystery. Finding the culprit to the problem itself is our mission, the mission that requires understanding of the system, going though thorough diagnostic procedures, testing to eliminate components one by one to pin point the source of failure and to confirm the part that failed the system. All of these require dedicated specialist training, in-depth experiences in critical diagnosis, specialist tools and up-to-date information data but most importantly the right problem-solving mind set.

I am now an expert in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen and am in the position where I can solidly help vehicle owners like you eliminate any mechanical and diagnostic concerns from their vehicles.

Philip Cusack

Senior Technician Mechanic / Audi Volkswagen Expert

I am a factory-trained technician with Audi and Volkswagen. I have over 8 years intensive experience from being part of their diagnostic team, which allowed me to become an accustomed motor electronics technician at the early stage in my career.

I have been on numerous courses with Audi and Volkswagen, involving both mechanical and electronic components such as:

  • Wiring diagrams: Reading diagrams to find solutions to electrical /electronic problems efficiently
  • Can-bus electronics: Understanding, inspection and diagnostics. (Can-bus is a means of communication between modern vehicle systems)
  • Vehicle electrics: Diagnostics of everything from window switches to wiper motors
  • Engine: Diagnostic and repair (both petrol FSI and Diesel)
  • Gearbox: Diagnostic and assembly training (with Audi/Volkswagen Ireland)

I pride myself on being accurate, efficient and clean in both my mechanical and electrical work.

In the recent years my skills have excelled and have grown in all aspects, including other manufactures: Mercedes Benz and BMW. Our great team of mechanics are able to understand and can repair even the most difficult of tasks, electronic and mechanical alike.

Outside of work I like to keep fit. I go to the gym to lift weights or box almost every morning at 5:15am to start the day fresh. I also love to cook, and when we get a nice evening, I like nothing more than a BBQ with my wife and friends.

Joshua Mustillo

Apprentice Mechanic

I came from an engineering/IT background and was involved in the installation of security cameras and automation system for one of Australia’s largest fitness franchise chains.

My interest in anything engineering/IT was surfaced when I decided to build my first desktop computer from scratch in stead of buying a ready-built off the shelf. I was able to go through research and sourced all the internal components: mother board, ram, power supply etc and was able to assemble them one by one along with the installation of all applications and software required.

Whilst I spent most of the weekends attending car meets with mates, get inspired and networking with the like-minded car enthusiasts, I also attended weekend colleges and was having good fun working on my own cars. I realised the only way to consolidate and to develop further my interest in IT and the passion in getting hands-on with cars (or anything mechanical) is to become an industry talent. For many it’s a boy thing to have a natural interest in cars but not many have the determination to pursue their interest.

I believe electronics is the future of cars. Cars are catching up with technology and it’s amazing to see how much more functional and complex some of these German cars have become. It is therefore a must for car mechanics to keep up with the latest technology and to become IT-savvy.

After work, on the weekends and on holidays I like to see a bit more of Australia and around the world. I like traveling and have visited Italy, France, America, Thailand, UK and New Zealand – my favourite with its outdoor! I also like to get involved in the car communities and also like to acquire some peaceful time surfing like a pro in the northern beaches!