Mercedes Car Service North Shore

Mercedes Car Service North Shore

The Mercedes Benz slogan is ‘The Best or Nothing’ and driving a Mercedes is a true luxury experience. Nothing quite says success like the famous three pointed Mercedes Benz star – it’s one of the most recognised symbols in the world. A prestige blend of design, technology, power and luxury, ownership of one of these iconic machines puts you in the driver’s seat of one of the very best cars in the world. Naturally you want the best car servicing for your Mercedes as well. Here at Autoactive Car Solutions, we offer a high quality mercedes car service, repair and diagnostics across every class of Mercedes Benz from our convenient Artarmon location in Sydney’s North Shore.

High Quality Car Service for Your Mercedes

One of the benefits of owning a Mercedes Benz is its extended service intervals. Depending on your model, service intervals are typically between every 15,000 and 20,000 kilometres, or once a year. It goes without saying that it is very important to follow the maintenance schedule of your Mercedes Benz to ensure performance, safety, fuel economy and long term value.

Older or classic models may need some extra attention or repairs, and of course if you feel that something is not quite right, it’s definitely better to bring your Mercedes in sooner rather than later. Early vehicle diagnosis or a small repair can often save a costly or dangerous breakdown that could easily have been avoided.

Premium Mercedes Benz care

When you do bring your car into Autoactive Car Solutions for its recommended service, you can be sure it is in the best of hands. We use state-of-the-art diagnosis tools to diagnose and service your car, and we are continually updating our tools, software, equipment, and technical knowledge so that we can remain at the forefront of premium Mercedes Benz care.

Diagnostic Tools We Use:

  • Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis system Compact 4 (SDS)
  • Mercedes Benz Xentry (SDS for later models)
  • Mercedes Benz Diagnostics Assistance System (DAS)
  • Mercedes Benz Workshop Information System (WIS)
  • Mercedes Benz Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)
  • Mercedes Benz Star Finder (Component finder and information)
  • Autologic diagnosis for Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz service

Mercedes Car Service Options We Offer

All our Mercedes car service options include: repairs, diagnostics, and software updates and control module coding and programming, plus brakes, suspension, clutch, cooling system, engine/transmission service and overhaul, turbo chargers, wheels and tyres, A/C (air conditioning) service and repairs, direct fuel injection, common-rail diesel injection, SRS (supplemental restraint system), air bag, ABS (anti skid Braking System), ESP (electronic stability program), PDC (park distance control) and BA brake assist.




Common Mercedes Faults We can Fix for You

  • All engines – oil leaks valve cover gaskets, breather case, filter hosing O rings, cam plugs, variable cam magnets, vacuum pumps
  • All engines city/ traffic /short trips driven – carbon build up on valves causing rough idle, rough running.
  • All engines – ignition coils defective
  • All diesel engines – manifold flap, throttle valve, EGR valve DPF (diesel particulate filter) defective
  • Alternator clutch defective
  • Transmission oil leaks through wiring loom to transmission computer
  • M271 engine timing chain, gear defective
  • All engines – air leaks from crank case vent hose
  • M271 Oil leaks from cam magnets into wiring loom causing defective lambda sensors, wiring loom, MAF sensors, engine ECU
  • Diesel engines defective EGR valves
  • M112/113 engine timing chain and gear defective
  • W211 E class – SBC servotronic brake control, servo unit defective


  • Door modules defective
  • Window regulator and switches defective
  • Air suspension – air struts defective
  • EIS (electronic ignition switch) ESL (electronic steering lock) defective
  • Seat occupancy sensors defective
  • W203 seat modules causing battery drain
  • Fan modules defective
  • Fan motor
  • Fan resistor

    Suspension / Drivetrain

  • Caster arm bushes defective
  • Control arm bushes defective
  • Air springs for air suspension defective
  • CV joints defective
  • Propeller shaft couplings defective

Mercedes Benz A & B Services

We are able to perform the necessary Mercedes Benz A Service, Mercedes Benz B Service, and any additional Mercedes Benz service options you require. We can also fix any small dints, dents, bumps and scratches to make sure your Mercedes stays in pristine condition. Plus we have the added benefit of a great deal of technical and engineering knowledge, along with many years experience in diagnosing, finding, fixing and tweaking any niggling problems that many other mechanics simply don’t have the time or resources to fix.

Fixed Prices for Oil and Log Book Services

All our oil and log book services are set at a fixed price. If further repairs are needed you will be provided with an itemised quote so that you know exactly what is required. We use only genuine Mercedes Benz and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, available at considerably less expensive prices than through a dealership. Of course all our Mercedes Benz services and repairs come with a warranty and are fully documented.

Let Us Look After Your Mercedes for You

A Mercedes Benz is a truly magnificent machine that deserves to run smoothly and properly, and we treat every example that we encounter with the utmost respect and care. Your precious and expensive car is not just an item in a worksheet that needs fixing as soon as possible. At Autoactive Car Solutions, your Mercedes Benz is like a familiar part of the family. We’ll look after it – and we’ll look after you. Book your car in for a service or repair on 9436 3804 and let us fix everything up for you.

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