Genuine parts are parts sold from car manufacturers. Car manufacturers don’t make parts. They recruit specialist companies to design and produce them.

For example Bosch makes electronics, VDO makes sensors and ATE makes braking components. These parts are then packaged, branded and marked with dealership prices.

OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are parts that we source direct from the importers of these specialist companies. OEM are not copies they are indeed originals from the exact original manufacturer equipment and facility. They have the exact specifications and quality to genuine items except with a different packaging and a lower price. Some of these OEM even come in with dealer packaging! 

With over two decades of trade experience on BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and VW, Autoactive is able to learn what OEM parts are available from our trade importers and we pass on these savings to you.

The thing that makes Autoactive different is we are honest and we focus on helping you get the most out of your car. We only use Genuine and OEM parts (subject to applications and availability). Be careful of repairers that focus purely on cheap prices and not get the job done properly. Our experience tells us that to diagnose and to correct those further problems caused by inexperienced repairing have always been very time consuming and also very costly.