We were doing some tidying up around the office here at Autoactive Car Solutions the other day, and we came across a letter of appreciation from one of our past customers. Written waaaaaay back in 1994 when Pulp Fiction and the Lion King were at the movies, and Celine Dion’s ‘The Power of Love’, and Ace of Base’s ‘The Sign’ were in the charts, the letter raves about Bruce’s professionalism as a mechanic, and about the quality of our customer service. Now while times have obviously changed a lot since 1994 (how funny is it that Bruce was described by his ethnicity!), the need for quality customers service, and for giving value for money, has not.


All joking aside, re-reading this letter got us thinking long and hard about how gratitude in business manifests itself. For small business owners there is so much to do to keep the company going that it can be easy to forget the reason why we got into the business in the first place: to help our customers. In many ways, customer service is as important as our automotive services themselves. And it was Bruce’s dedication to exemplary customer care that warranted this ancient letter of thanks in the first place. And we’re pleased to say that this level of caring for delivering value for money, has never left us. And is one we instil in all our staff.

Although people are far more likely to leave online reviews these days than to sit down and physically write a letter praising service and displaying their gratitude, customer testimonials are as crucial as ever. Which is why we are so thankful to our customers whenever they take the time to leave us positive reviews on Yelp and Google Maps or other online review services.

A Great Big THANK YOU to All Our Customers!

And as much as all the 5-star reviews let us know that our customers appreciate Autoactive Car Solutions; we want to take a moment to let our customers know how much we appreciate them. Because our loyal customers are the reason why we are the thriving business you see today. We have been helping customers in Sydney’s North Shore with their automotive service and repair needs for more than 20 years, and we know full well that gratitude is a two-way street. So if you have worked with us in the past, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to work with us for your automotive service needs yet, we welcome you to get in touch with us to schedule your first service appointment with Bruce or one of our other expert automotive technicians.