BMW Car Service North Shore

BMW Car Service North Shore

BMWs tagline is ‘The Ultimate Driving Experience’. Famous for its trademark handling, innovation, safety and luxury, every part of every BMW is designed with the driver’s experience in mind. Built for the joy of driving, this German-engineered glory does indeed offer the ultimate driving experience. Of course you want the ultimate in servicing for it as well.

At Autoactive Car Solutions, we offer exactly that. Our high quality BMW car service, repair and diagnostics service across the entire range of BMWs from our convenient Artarmon location in Sydney’s North Shore will ensure your BMW maintains its high performance status – without the high price.

Premium BMW Car Servicing

It is said that once you own your first BMW, you will never want to own another brand again, and we can see why. The precision engineering, power, efficiency and reliability of a luxury BMW is second to none. BMW’s innovative engineering is designed to need a minimum of maintenance, which means less scheduled services than ordinary cars. It even monitors its own condition and will let you know when a service is due.

Of course this means that once your BMW is due for a service, it’s important to schedule one. It is well-known that if you take care of a BMW, it will take care of you, but neglecting regular maintenance is a sure road to expensive bills further down the track.

A brand new BMW will not need much attention, but if you have an older version of this classic marque, it will definitely benefit from more regular services and timely repairs. And certainly if your beloved Bimmer has a rattle or hiccup that doesn’t feel right, make sure you bring it in to sort it out. A quick hook-up to the computer or a small repair can save a major hassle and a lot of money in the long run.

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BMW Diagnosis Tools

When your BMW tells you it’s time for a service at Autoactive Car Solutions, you can be sure that it will be well taken care of. We use the latest diagnostic tools and software to service your BMW, and make sure that we have the most recently updated versions of equipment, technical tools and knowledge required to ensure that we remain leaders in quality BMW care.

 Diagnostic Tools We Use

  • BMW ISTA, Icom (Latest Diagnostic System for BMW)
  • BMW Group Tester 1 (GT1) (Early Diagnostic System for BMW)
  • BMW Wiring Diagrams System (WDS)
  • BMW Technical Information System (TIS)
  • BMW Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)
  • Autologic diagnosis for BMW

Car Services We Offer

All BMW car service options, repairs, diagnostics, software updates, and control module coding and programming, plus brakes, suspension, clutch, cooling system, engine/transmission service and overhaul, turbo chargers, wheels and tyres, A/C (air conditioning) service and repairs, direct fuel injection, common-rail diesel injection, SRS (supplemental restraint system),air bag, ABS (anti skid braking system), ESP (electronic stability program), and PDC (park distance control).




Common BMW Faults We Can Fix for You

  • Engine/ transmission/transfer case/diffs
  • All engines  – oil leaks from valve cover gaskets, vanos seals / O rings /eccentric shaft sensors, oil pan gasket, oil filter housing gasket / O rings, vacuum pump, crank case vent, ZF 6 speed transmission, data plug
  • All engines  – ignition coils defective, misfire
  • All diesel engines – manifold flap, throttle valve, EGR valve DPF (diesel particulate filter) defective
  • Alternator clutch defective
  • N52/54 engines – electric water pumps and thermostat defective
  • X5 e70 – transfer case motor defective.
  • M50/52/54 vanos units (BMW variable valve timing)
  • All valvetronic equipped engines – valvetronic motors
  • All early N54 / Mini Coopers N13/18 – high pressure fuel pump for direct injection
  • Cooling system expansion tank defective, radiator defective
  • Brake servo 1 way valve defective


  • Door modules defective central locking
  • Window regulators and switches defective
  • X5 e70 – EMF electro-mechanical parking brake defective, broken cables, defective wiring, defective EMF module, defective EMF button
  • All early e87 1series, e90 3series, e60 5series – ULF telephone modules
  • Early 1,3,5 series – I drive controller
  • Mostly 3 series e90 – washer pumps seize due to mildew and bacteria build up in pump.
  • e90 – head light washers don’t retract, faulty spring
  • Door modules central locking defective
  • Window regulators
  • Steering Angle sensors defective
  • Seat occupancy sensors defective
  • (JBE) junction box electronics defective
  • X5 e70 bulk head perish
  • Fan resistor

Suspension / Drivetrain

  • Caster arm bushes defective
  • Control arm bushes defective
  • Air springs for air suspension defective
  • CV joints defective
  • Propeller shaft couplings defective

Scheduled BMW Car Service

We are able to perform the necessary, BMW Oil & Safety Service, BMW Inspection I and BMW Inspection II Services, along with any additional BMW service options you require. Of course we can also help make sure your BMW stays in top condition by touching up paintwork, bumps, scratches and small dents.

Fixed Price Oil and Log Book Car Services

All our oil and log book services for your BMW are set at a fixed price. If further repairs are needed we will give you an itemised quote in priority order so you know the complete cost. We use only genuine BMW and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts sourced directly from the importers which give you considerable savings. All BMW services and repairs come with a warranty and are fully documented.

Quick and Thorough Vehicle Diagnosis

With over 20 years experience of fixing BMWs, we also have a huge amount of technical and engineering know-how that helps us diagnose and fix car problems that are specific to BMWs that many mechanics (and even the dealership) can’t fix, quickly and easily.

Enjoy Your Ultimate Driving Machine

A luxury BMW is an amazing piece of engineering, and is a joy to work on. Here at Autoactive Car Solutions, we have all the tools to maintain your BMW so that it lives up to its reputation as the Ultimate Driving Experience. If you need your Bimmer serviced or repaired, don’t go anywhere else. Give us a call on (02) 9436 3804 and let us look after everything for you.

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