Volkswagen Car Service North Shore

Volkswagen Car Service North Shore

Volkswagen’s famous logo is ‘Das Auto’. Translated, it means. ‘The Car’, which would make you think that VW is all about cars. It is, of course. But Volkswagen is all about people as well (its name actually means ‘The People’s Car’) and Volkswagen has learned that providing innovative, quality cars at an approachable price is a great way to make people happy. As a result the Volkswagen range of quality cars spans a huge spectrum. VW makes small cars, family cars, luxury cars, convertible cars, performance cars, people movers, four wheel drive and utes – all with top quality German design and precision engineering.

Of course all this German technology and innovation requires top quality car servicing as well, and here at Autoactive Car Solutions, that’s exactly what we provide. We’re experts in what makes VWs tick, and provide offer a high quality servicing, repair and diagnostics service across the entire range of VWs from our convenient Artarmon location in Sydney’s North Shore.

Latest Diagnosis Tools

At Autoactive Car Solutions, we’ve been providing Volkswagen car service for over 20 years, and we know and love them well. So when you bring your VW into us, you can be sure that it is in safe and knowledgeable hands. We use the latest diagnosis tools and software from VW to ensure accurate scans and diagnosis. We also have the specialised tools and access to the VW techniques and technical knowledge required for the intricacies of VW designs.

Diagnostics Tools We Use:

  • VAS 5054 (diagnostic system for VAG group)
  • ODIS (electronic diagnosis information)
  • ERWIN (VAG group repair information)
  • ELSAWIN (VAG group repair information)
  • ETKA (VAG group EPC)
  • Autologic for VAG
Volkswagen service

Your Volkswagen Car Service

VW has always prided itself on being a little different from the rest of the world, but like any car (particularly German cars) your VW need to be serviced regularly. If you look after your VW it will give you many years of faithful service. Leave it unloved, and even the finest innovations and precision engineering will not save it from an expensive and painful breakdown. Volkswagen car service intervals depend on your particular model, but in general VWs service intervals are set for every 15,000 kilometres, or once every 12 months


Common VW Faults we can fix for you

  • All engines – oil leaks valve cover gasket, turbo hoses, turbo chargers, vacuum pumps, crank case vent valves.
  • All engines city/ traffic /short trips driven – carbon build up on valves causing rough idle, rough running.
  • All petrol engines – ignition coils.
  • All diesel engines – manifold flap, throttle valve, EGR valve DPF .(diesel particulate filter) defective.
  • Alternator clutch defective.
  • DSG mechatronics defective.
  • DSC clutch packs defective.
  • Turbo chargers defective.
  • Turbo boost pipes defective.
  • Coolant leaks from plastic housings of cooling system.
  • Vacuum pipes to brake servo defective.


  • Door modules defective.
  • Window regulator and switches defective.
  • Ignition switch.
  • Water ingress into cabin.

Suspension / Drivetrain

  • Caster arm bushes defective.
  • Control arm bushes defective.
  • Air springs for air suspension defective.
  • CV joints defective.
  • Air suspension compressors.

Quality Car Service at a Quality Price

Yes, a quality European car does cost more to maintain and repair than a domestic car. But it doesn’t have to cost that much more – not with Autoactive Car Solutions. For a start, all our oil and log book services are a fixed price, so you know exactly what a service will cost. If your VW needs further repairs, we give an itemised quote in priority order, detailing all the costs. And while we use genuine VW and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, we source them directly from the importers (not through the expensive dealership), which helps bring the price down considerably.

Of course all our VW car services and repairs are fully documented, and come with a warranty.

Keep Your VW in Great Shape

Love your VW? Of course you do. We’re big fans of VWs, and we can help you keep yours in great condition. So while your car may be not due for a service, if you get a scratch or bump, or something feels wrong with the handling, make sure you bring it in to us ASAP. A small problem can generally be fixed quickly and inexpensively before it becomes a big problem that costs a lot. Plus our years of working with VWs meant that we can often spot what the problem is quicker than an ordinary mechanic (and yes, even the dealership as well!).

Your VW is in Good Hands

VWs need specialised care, and we’re the Volkswagen car service specialists. We understand VWs. We have all the tips and tricks and tools and technology to keep your VW running smoothly so you can keep on experiencing that power within. So if you need a service or repairs to your VW, give Autoactive Car Solutions a call on 9436 3804. We’ll look after all your Volkswagen car service needs.

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