What is the Quattro or 4-motion Haldex System on Audi and Volkswagen?

The Quattro or 4-Motion Haldex System on Audi and Volkswagen models is a unique type of 4 wheel drive system. Equipped models include the most popular Tiguan, Golf R, 4-motion A3, S3, Q3, and TT Quattro vehicle models. Quattro or 4-motion means these primarily front wheel drive vehicles are equipped with an additional piece of technology that allows the car to drive all 4 wheels if required under certain conditions.

Quattro or 4 motion would drive all 4 wheels under situations such as wet weather slippery driving conditions where the front wheels skid when steering or the front tyres being worn down below legal tread depth limit causing the tyres to lose grip on road. These are some examples of events that could lead to front wheels losing traction. The consequences of losing traction can be deadly and it is for this reason Quattro or 4-motion, designed as a safety feature, assists the car in such situations.

In the event of front wheels losing traction, Quattro or 4-motion activates and commands the car to apply clutches in the Haldex system to drive the rear wheels. The operation of this safety process is done via hydraulic pressure supplied by a pump called Haldex pump.

Haldex Pump Explained

Haldex pump works along side its filter and oil; called Haldex filter and Haldex oil. The difference in the filter design determines their type:

  • Haldex generation 1 filter
  • Haldex generation 2 filter
  • Haldex generation 4 filter (Haldex generation 3 filter does not apply here).

According to the Audi and Volkswagen Manufacturer’s Factory Service Procedure, Haldex service requires Haldex oil and filter to be replaced every 4 years or 60,000km. Unlike the generation 1 and 2 filters, the generation 4 filter is ‘not to be replaced’ or ‘non-replaceable’. This is why the Haldex generation 4 filter is not even listed in the manufacturers’ spare parts catalogue.

Audi A3 Suffering Haldex Fault

An example of a fault in the Haldex system is an Audi A3 that arrived at the Autoactive Artarmon workshop. After a scan diagnostic was carried out by an Autoactive factory trained Audi mechanic it was reviewed that the fault (with fault code: 2248 – Haldex Clutch Control valve) lies under the Haldex pump. It was also reviewed that Haldex system of this Audi A3 was actually fitted with the ‘not to be replaced’ Haldex generation 4 filter!

Expert Mechanics at Autoactive Will Save You Hundreds

Upon Autoactive Artarmon investigating and testing further each component in the Haldex system, it was found that the Haldex pump was in good working order however the generation 4 filter was blocked causing low pressure running on the Haldex pump. The generation 4 filter had to be replaced to rectify the problem. We exercised our expertise to replace the non-replaceable Haldex generation 4 filter by sourcing a brand new OEM product direct from our European supplier.

The pump was removed, cleaned, tested; and only a Haldex generation 4 filter was replaced along with adaptations of Haldex pump and the fault was fixed never returned. It is no doubt the repair cost would likely be much dearer had we blindly followed the Manufacturer’s service guideline to eliminate replacing the Haldex 4 filter instead started looking into the replacement of other major components in the system.

Featured in the photos are a Haldex generation 4 filter along with new and old oil from a Haldex system that our expert mechanics at Autoactive have opened up and serviced.

Haldex service for your Volkswagen or Audi  including its filter is just as important as transmission and differential services. For what reason this important filter isn’t made available from the Manufacturers we don’t know. What we do know is finding the right mechanic who not only has in-depth knowledge and expertise to work on your car but also actively works hard in helping you WILL save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Here at Autoactive Mechanic Northshore, our professional practice lives beyond mechanical repair as we comprehensively investigate each and every problem and tirelessly explore repair options to save you money. If you have a fault with the Quattro or 4-Motion Haldex System on Audi and Volkswagen then book in your car today as it should be in your best interest to have your car diagnosed by one of our experienced qualified mechanics.